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Welcome to Innovation in Learning

The best measurable competitive advantage a company has is its well-trained workforce

The only way to win the current jobs war is to possess industry knowledge, along with essential hard and soft skills that give you value.

Course Catalog

Professional Development Series

nYellow Professional Development Series is an innovative, cost-effective, and measurable learning solution. Whether you are an individual looking to expand your current skills and knowledge without enrolling in a degree-seeking college program, a firm looking to develop your employees to gain a competitive advantage, or an entrepreneur looking to broaden your acumen, nYellow has just the right solution for you.

Our proprietary curriculum design approach allows us to offer reusable learning objectives as well as customized solutions for every learning need. Individual learners can elect from live group facilitation to in-home learning options. Our instructors have received specialized training in Andragogy Theory, principles, and methodologies.  Courses are fun, engaging, and guarantees immediate application and transference.

Professional Development Group

Featured Course Categories


Strengthen the communication habits and practices of your employees regardless of their level within your organization.

Management & Leadership Development

There’s a systemic nature existing in the employment lifecycle and this almost always begins and ends with the effectiveness of those you have managing/leading your people and teams.

Operations & Planning

Get all of the various moving parts of your organization moving on the same frequency and in the same direction. It’s great to effectively operate in the here and now, but vision is what progresses and sustains businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Personal Development & Enhancement

Are you an individual looking to enhance personally? You don’t have to get another degree. We have training topics to help build and enhance your skills, knowledge, and marketability especially as the competition increases and the finish line continues to move.

Our learning Platforms

bido Training Hub

Learn with us at one of our learning hubs—a safe learning environment for all!

Onsite Client Training

We’ll come to you!  Our onsite training courses are perfect for small or large groups.

Online Learning

Learn on the go with our online training option.