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bido Group was founded with two very simple objectives in mind.

1Relieve entrepreneurs of the sometimes difficult, time intensive, and laborious activities involved with employing, managing, and developing their talent—their people.

2Serve as an “extra set of hands” for busy corporate HR departments and professionals.

Our foundational framework…

We believe businesses that want to be great can be great with the right resources, tools, and support! We don’t profess to know everything (e.g., the meaning of life), but what we do know is this…organizations that focus on hiring the best and the brightest, effectively leveraging and developing their people, and creating change-agile environments will always come out ahead—they will always outperform their competition.

Not only does research support this belief, but our experiences in working with so many companies confirms it.

Comprehensive HR Solutions

Resource Development

Does your organization need an employee handbook, job descriptions, guidelines for onboarding, or other tools to effectively communicate with employees?  bido is your resource provider and partner.

HR Planning

Does your organization have a clear and comprehensive HR plan of action clearly aligning to the global strategic plan?  bido’s consultants are experts at creating and re-invigorating HR plans.

HR Audits & Reporting

Identifying risks and compliance opportunities within your HR structure are the first steps toward changing its effectiveness. Our consultants provide valuable feedback relative to areas of needed improvement.

Benefits & Compensation Outsourcing

Are you offering benefits employees find valuable and do you have a clear compensation philosophy? Work with bido to answer these and other relevant questions around benefits and compensation.

Employee Relations & Engagement

Leverage bido as a partner in addressing your employee reward, corrective action, and engagement opportunities. Ensure fair employment treatment with a structured approach that minimizes risk.

Process & System Improvement

bido consultants can help identify process and system improvement opportunities within your organization leading to measurable efficiencies and having a positive impact on your bottom line.